EBA launches 2022 EU-wide transparency exercise

EBA launches 2022 EU-wide transparency exercise

On September 23, 2022, the European Banking Authority (EBA) launched its annual EU-wide transparency exercise. The transparency exercise falls within the course of authority’s constant actions to promote transparency and market discipline in the financial market, and complements banks' own Pillar 3 disclosures under the European Union's Capital Requirements Directive (CRD). 

EU-wide transparency exercise: Keeping the burden for the banks to a minimum 

As in the past, the transparency exercise is exclusively based on supervisory reporting data, e.g. capital positions, profitability, financial assets, risk exposure amounts, sovereign exposures and asset quality information on the banking sector in European Union - which will keep the burden for the banks to a minimum.  Precisely, it will cover the figures from the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. Along with the dataset, EBA plans to provide a wide range of interactive tools that allow users to compare and to visualize data across time and at the country and bank-by-bank levels.   

To ensure proper monitoring risks and vulnerabilities and reinforcing market discipline, the EBA expects to release more than 1 million data points, on average more than 10,000 data points per bank. 

Moreover, the EBA has already started the interaction with the participating banks, which includes their verification of pre-populated templates and any data quality correction to be executed through the supervisory reporting channel.  

 The tentative publication date of the results is the beginning of December 2022, along with the annual Risk Assessment Report (RAR). 

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